Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to cooking...and blogging!

Once again, here I'm beginning again! I have quit the part-time job I had for just over a year. Whew! It was a very good job and I was so grateful to have it, but things really suffered at home. My husband's business has also picked up (thank you, St. Joseph!), so he did not have time to manage things at home while I was at work and he needs me to help him do some project management. I'm thrilled! I'm thrilled to be back home full-time with my family, and I'm also thrilled to finally get to do what my husband and I have dreamed of doing for years -- work together. Well, of course we've always worked together, but now we get to *work* together, too!

Along the way, I've rediscovered my passion for cooking. I made Coq au Vin the other night. It was good, but not as amazing as I would wish considering the work involved. The salad we gad was better -- the Barefoot Contessa's Balsamic Roasted Red Onion Salad. Next, I made Daube de Boeuf Auberge de la Madonne from Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells. It was incredible over garlic mashed potatoes with a salad of baby romaine with blue cheese and toasted walnuts tossed with a simple dressing of lemon juice and olive oil.

Tonight is my long night at the dance studio, so it will be shredded beef with barbeque sauce on buns. I haven't decided on side dishes yet, but the beef smells wonderful slow roasting in the oven with liquid smoke, garlic salt, and pepper rubbed over it!

Time to gather up my "students" and get them back on task!

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