Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Glorious Summer!

Here I am, trying to begin again on my blog. I treasure these days, weeks, months, and years with my family. I love every stage of my childrens' lives. Yes, even the teens. I want to savor them and remember them. I just wish I were better about writing things down.

Summer is my favorite season. No, not because it is slower. At least for my family, we are as busy as ever. I love the sunshine. I love the warm weather. I love the fun of grilling out, picnics, swimming, s'mores, water balloon fights, and watching my children get simultaneously browner and blonder. I think some days that they are like the flowers -- the sun and the water make them grow even faster.

I don't school over the summer. Do you? I find that I need the summer to pray, to plan, to organize, and to clean up the accumulated detritus of the home school year.

This week, Colin and Hunter are with our Youth Group attending the Steubenville Youth Conference and then working and praying at the Little Portion Hermitage. While they are gone, I am deep cleaning their room. Guess how many pairs of socks I found? Twenty-seven. Really. Now I know why there was always a vague locker-room smell lingering there!

I've also started re-organizing my homeschool materials. Zoe has been a wonderful help with that. I need to get back to it, but I find it overwhelming. This will be our seventeenth year homeschooling and I'm afraid I have a *lot* of books. So many that I sometimes end up having to re-buy books that I know I own but can't find. Sigh.

Last week, I got to visit with my sister and her new baby Joseph (a.k.a. Guiseppe). He is an amazingly calm, sweet baby. She is so very blessed and we were so very blessed to get to see him and hold him and smell him while he was still so fresh from God.

Here is a picture from our Independence Day Rosary, Barbeque, and Fireworks extravaganza, hosted by dear friends of ours.

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